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Flores Genealogy & History

Flores is an Italian and Spanish surname with several different sources. While some Flores lines likely took the name from the Latin "florus", which means "to flourish" or "to bloom", and others may have taken it as the plural form of the Spanish "flor" or flower, others likely took the name from the area they lived in. Flores family history is first recorded in 1313, as the Florio (an alternate spelling) family received the territories of Persano and Sandionisio, Italy. Notable "firsts" of Flores genealogy include Patrick Flores, the first Mexican-American Catholic bishop (and archbishop of San Antonio), and Juan Jose Flores, the first President of Ecuador.

Flores Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Sanchez Flores-- --, 1905February ,1977LA
Baby Flores-- --, 1947August 18,2001AZ
Cajetano Flores-- --, 1939May 17,2007TX
Dabney Flores-- --, 1896May ,1983LA

Flores Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Anthony Flores-- --, 1956January 1,1996Studio City,CA
Fabian Flores-- --, 1888April ,1979Bay City,TX
Gabina Flores-- --, 1920April 9,2003Crystal City,TX
H Aurora Flores-- --, 1920September 8,2001Calexico,CA

Flores Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Luis FloresMichelle MccraeMay 8,1998Wake, NC
Gerardo FloresLaura MendozaMay 7,1996Wake, NC
Carlos FloresGarcia TorresJune 21,2000Galveston, TX
Baldomero FloresMary FloresJuly 19,2000Lasalle, TX

Most Common Surnames After Flores

247th: Powers248th: Brewer
249th: McCoy250th: Leonard
251st: Hopkins252nd: Sims
253rd: McCarthy254th: Lucas
255th: Craig256th: Gonzales

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