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Flynn is an Irish name derived from the Gaelic "O'Floinn". "O" means "grandson" or "male descendent of" while "floinn" comes from "flann", meaning "red" or "ruddy". Flynn family history is first recorded in Tuitre, as Flynns were lords of that town; however, the oldest line of Flynns might be the O'Floins of Armagh, Ulster, where they claim descent from King Colla Ulas. The first recorded instance of the spelling "Flynn" was Archbishop Fiacha O Flynn in 1255. Flynn genealogy includes the American actor Errol Flynn, known for playing a swashbuckler, and James R. Flynn, who discovered the "Flynn effect"—the steady increase of IQ scores throughout the world.

Flynn Birth Records

Name Birth Date Death Date Location
A Dale Flynn -- --, 1915 July 2,1991 OH
Baltimore Flynn -- --, 1918 December 31,1999 TN
C Alice Flynn -- --, 1909 January 30,1997 TX
Dagmar Flynn -- --, 1919 June 9,2007 MN

Flynn Death Records

Name Birth Date Death Date Location
Earl Flynn -- --, 1907 July ,1981 Springfield,MA
F Walter Flynn -- --, 1919 June ,1983 Ronda,NC
G Elmer Flynn -- --, 1919 December 25,1995 Missoula,MT
H James Flynn -- --, 1923 July 8,2001 Riverton,WY

Flynn Marriage Records

Name Spouse Marriage Date Location
Bernard Flynn Shirley Madden September 9,1970 Wake, NC
Everett Flynn Mary Burney April 9,1955 Wake, NC
George Flynn Anna Ohay August 14,1950 Wake, NC
Thomas Flynn Thelma Kuhenbaker July 28,1951 Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Flynn

362nd: Hammond 363rd: Harrington
364th: Ortiz 365th: Barton
366th: Dennis 367th: Love
368th: Casey 369th: Gutierrez
370th: Rodgers 371st: Garner

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