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Foley is an Irish name. It comes from the Gaelic "O'Foghladha". "O" means "grandson" or "male descendent of" and "Foghladha" means "pirate" or "plunderer". The first recorded member of Foley family history is Maoliosa O'Foley, the Archbishop of Cashel, in 1131; Foleys also held the title "Lord of the Decies" in Waterford, Ireland since ancient times. The Foley motto is "Ut prosim", meaning "That I may be of use". Foley genealogy includes Frank Foley, a member of the British Secret Service during WWII who bent the rules and risked arrest and execution to give passports to thousands of German Jews, saving them from the Nazis; for this, he is sometimes known as the "British Schindler".

Foley Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Lee Foley-- --, 1918February 14,1988TX
Babs Foley-- --, 1921February 25,2007CA
Cahill Foley-- --, 1917April 9,2000WV
D William Foley-- --, 1916August 15,1993IA

Foley Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jean Foley-- --, 1919April 18,2002Ellsworth,ME
F Dale Foley-- --, 1935November 20,1999Winlock,WA
Gabrielle Foley-- --, 1881January ,1971New Orleans,LA
Hairm Foley-- --, 1905December 3,1995Walnut Ridge,AR

Foley Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Jeremiah FoleyBetty StegallFebruary 3,1951Wake, NC
Richard FoleyCarl CoburnSeptember 3,1963Wake, NC
William FoleyBetty SchrammAugust 18,1964Wake, NC
Vincent FoleyPamela HenryNovember 2,2004Dallas, TX

Most Common Surnames After Foley

457th: Ballard458th: Shepherd
459th: Farrell460th: Morrow
461st: Sweeney462nd: MacDonald
463rd: Nicholson464th: Briggs
465th: Mack466th: Burnett

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