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Foote Genealogy & History

Foote has its roots in the pre-seventh century Norse word fotr, which has several meanings relating to the foot. It can mean someone with a deformed foot, a fast runner or messenger, or someone who lived by the foothills. The family motto is again, again and again, or step by step. Some of the different spellings include Fouts, Foote, Fot, and Fouts. Foote family history has Robert Fot in 1166 as the first known recording of the name in the Pipe Rolls of Yorkshire, England. Some members of Foote genealogy include composer Arthur William Foote; lawyer Elizabeth Erny Foote; and geologist Robert Bruce Foote.

Foote Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbie Foote-- --, 1890January ,1973WA
Bailey Foote-- --, 1894March ,1971MI
C Ronald Foote-- --, 1945October 14,2007NY
Daisy Foote-- --, 1915October 23,2008PA

Foote Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Claire Foote-- --, 1916March 26,1992San Diego,CA
F Gladys Foote-- --, 1906April ,1992Saint Albans,WV
G Reese Foote-- --, 1926July 2,2003Wadsworth,OH
H Beverly Foote-- --, 1922January 13,2009Jamestown,NY

Foote Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Delbert FooteReatha CriswellJanuary 28,2000Midland, TX
Michael FooteJoanna WrightOctober 4,2003Wake, NC
Kenneth FooteDeborah CraneMarch 20,2000Denton, TX
Robert FooteMartha TackettJuly 1,2000Orange, TX

Most Common Surnames After Foote

1770th: Coon1771st: Ambrose
1772nd: Fay1773rd: Coughlin
1774th: Meehan1775th: Currie
1776th: Nugent1777th: Bledsoe
1778th: Lacey1779th: Huddleston

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