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Foster Genealogy & History

Foster is an English surname with four possible origins. First, it might come from the Old French word for a saddle-tree maker, fustier, which derives from fustre, a block of wood. Second, it might describe someone who makes or uses steel shears, also known as "forcetier". Third, it could be a simplification of "forester". Lastly, it may derive from the Old English compound "cild-fostre", referring to fostering children. In any case, Foster family history begins with the 1179 birth of Durand le Fuster in London. Foster genealogy includes writer Alan Dean Foster, Canadian WWII General Harry Foster, and Australian beer brand namesakes William and Ralph Foster.

Foster Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Alfred Foster-- --, 1912October 28,2002NJ
B Gloria Foster-- --, 1929January 30,2005ME
C Broadus Foster-- --, 1920July 15,1990SC
Durward Foster-- --, 1943December 26,1993AL

Foster Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Barrett Foster-- --, 1917June 29,1990Sheffield,AL
Frances Foster-- --, 1921June 13,2010Forest Park,GA
George Foster-- --, 1959September 15,1992Killeen,TX
H Arthur Foster-- --, 1915January ,1983Savannah,NY

Foster Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Atrice FosterJosephine SledgeMay 31,1939Wake, NC
Edward FosterDorothy LaskyNovember 6,1945Wake, NC
John FosterEmeline FlintonAugust 26,1933Wake, NC
Melvin FosterAddie SmithNovember 18,1933Wake, NC

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83rd: Butler84th: Sanders
85th: James86th: Barnes

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