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Friedman Genealogy & History

Friedman is a surname of German, Swiss, and French origin, from the Old Germanic "fried" meaning peace, and "man", meaning servant, friend, or follower; later, it also took on the meaning "strong youth". Unlike many continental European names, Friedman never reached England, and thus England's poll taxes did not force the recording of family names in the twelfth century. Friedman family history thus starts with the 1686 marriage of Josephus Fridman to Margaretha Ernst in Baden. Friedman genealogy boasts many famous people, such as Nobel laureates Milton Friedman (economics) and Jerome Friedman (physics) and advice columnist Esther Friedman, also known as Ann Landers.

Friedman Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Lisa Friedman-- --, 1918March 10,2007NY
Badonna Friedman-- --, 1906August 11,1999CA
Calman Friedman-- --, 1922September 27,1997MI
D Harding Friedman-- --, 1920November 26,1991MI

Friedman Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Friedman-- --, 1923September 4,1998Attleboro,MA
Fae Friedman-- --, 1914April 26,1995Seal Beach,CA
Gabriel Friedman-- --, 1903February ,1967New York,NY
H Henry Friedman-- --, 1915November 11,1999Dedham,MA

Friedman Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Gilbert FriedmanJuliana KoppelSeptember 6,1966Wake, NC
Lawrence FriedmanSylvia JausteinAugust 31,1951Wake, NC
James FriedmanEthel LohFebruary 20,1968Wake, NC
William FriedmanJennifer DoughertyJune 3,2006Tarrant, TX

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484th: Tran485th: Kirk
486th: Berger487th: Kirby
488th: Patrick489th: Greer
490th: Bass491st: Joseph

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