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Fritz Genealogy & History

Fritz is primarily a German surname, though Austrians and Swiss also held it. It comes from the name Frederick, meaning "peace power", as a nickname, and both names were used as given names far more than as surnames. Variations on the name include Frisch, Fritsch, Fritzsche, Fritsche, Fritske, Frick, and Fritts. Fritz family history properly begins with Pieter Friczche, recorded in the charters of Dresden in 1391. Georg Wilhelm Fritz arrived in New York in 1709. Fritz genealogy includes Pennsylvania steel industrialist John Fritz, for whom the Fritz Prize for excellence in engineering is named, and Phillies first baseman Larry Fritz.

Fritz Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Dewaine Fritz-- --, 1928July 5,2008KS
Bailey Fritz-- --, 1949January 20,2002WV
C Leslie Fritz-- --, 1913February 23,2002CA
D Bernard Fritz-- --, 1917September 3,2006PA

Fritz Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Fritz-- --, 1898January ,1973Bethlehem,PA
F Herman Fritz-- --, 1922October 15,1989Media,PA
G Edward Fritz-- --, 1932August 16,2004Philadelphia,PA
H Arlene Fritz-- --, 1919November 20,1996Stevens,PA

Fritz Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Dean FritzMary LongfellowMarch 6,1970Wake, NC
Joseph FritzDorothy FerrellAugust 15,1932Wake, NC
Ricky FritzJulie WilliamsJune 3,2000Scurry, TX
Sean FritzRose NovakJuly 20,2000Harris, TX

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770th: Herring771st: Lutz
772nd: Good773rd: Kuhn
774th: Frye775th: Best
776th: Rosenberg777th: Faulkner

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