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Fulton Genealogy & History

Fulton is a Scottish locational surname, from a village in Roxburghshire, named from the Old English "fugol", meaning bird, and "tun", a settlement or enclosure. Recorded Fulton family history begins with Thomas de Fulton's witnessing of a 1260 donation to the monastery of Paisley, in Scotland. While it is a Scottish name, Roxburghshire as a border county also contributed to English culture and people. Fulton genealogy is famous mostly for steamboat inventor Robert Fulton, born in Pennsylvania of Irish descent, but also boasts Scottish comedian and actor Rikki Fulton, as well as Royal Marines General and former Gibraltar governor Robert Fulton.

Fulton Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Lloyd Fulton-- --, 1915August ,1980WI
Babbette Fulton-- --, 1958February 27,2003NY
C Penney Fulton-- --, 1924March 23,2003NY
Dagmar Fulton-- --, 1907January 2,1998CA

Fulton Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Clyde Fulton-- --, 1914January 14,1991Felton,PA
F Clair Fulton-- --, 1909September 2,1999Pittsburgh,PA
G Margaret Fulton-- --, 1918September 23,2006Seattle,WA
H Dean Fulton-- --, 1914August 29,1987Canon City,CO

Fulton Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allan FultonSusanne SimmonsAugust 8,1964Wake, NC
Crutis FultonMay FultonNovember 29,1944Wake, NC
Darryl FultonKaren HeughanJanuary 16,1991Wake, NC
Thomas FultonAlice AllenNovember 20,1948Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Fulton

909th: Cooley910th: Kern
911th: Helms912th: Holder
913th: Tracy914th: Rollins
915th: Kendall916th: Beach
917th: Sandoval918th: Starr

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