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Funk Genealogy & History

Funk genealogy is often German and may originally be an occupational surname or a descriptive nickname. The name derives from the Middle High German word funke, meaning spark. As an occupational name, this probably would have denoted a blacksmith. As a nickname, it could have denoted someone with a lively personality. It could also be related to the German word Fink, meaning finch and denoting someone who sold finches. In the Middle Ages, the name was an especially common German Jewish surname, the word funk being the Yiddish word for spark. Funk family history in the United States includes 18th-century settlers in Pennsylvania.

Funk Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Leroy Funk-- --, 1912November 10,1993PA
B Karen Funk-- --, 1959August 6,1998VA
C Earl Funk-- --, 1911January 17,2005PA
D Rose Funk-- --, 1914June ,1979WV

Funk Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Anne Funk-- --, 1927April 24,1999Bellefonte,PA
F James Funk-- --, 1920December 6,2008Atlanta,GA
G Keith Funk-- --, 1916February 14,2007Eagleville,PA
H Donald Funk-- --, 1916June 27,2000Green Valley,AZ

Funk Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew FunkKrysten GarkovichNovember 18,2000Harris, TX
David FunkDonna AndersonMay 10,2003Wake, NC
Edward FunkMartha LacyMarch 27,2000Bosque, TX
Gerard FunkJune TaylorAugust 24,1948Wake, NC

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1082nd: Britton1083rd: Lord
1084th: McFadden1085th: Marquez
1086th: Contreras1087th: Mayfield
1088th: Morin1089th: Hatcher

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