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Galvin Genealogy & History

Galvin family history shows that this surname is prominent in County Clare in Ireland, which is also the family seat. It may have been introduced to the country from France during the Norman invasion. It is most likely derived from the Gaelic Ogealbhain, a patronymic that refers to a male descendant of the bright and white or fair one. The Galvin coat of arms is a red shield with three swimming silver fish. Alternative spellings listed in Galvin genealogy include Galvan and Gallavan. The first known appearance of the name in writing belongs to Fergal O'Gealbhain in 1317 in Corcomroe Abbey, Ireland.

Galvin Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Galvin-- --, 1890July ,1980IL
Barbara Galvin-- --, 1923January 1,2004MA
Calbert Galvin-- --, 1927October ,1972IL
Daisy Galvin-- --, 1885April 15,1967WI

Galvin Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Galvin-- --, 1946January 14,1998San Francisco,CA
Fannie Galvin-- --, 1894September 30,1989Kansas City,MO
Gabrielle Galvin-- --, 1899August ,1973Minneapolis,MN
Hanna Galvin-- --, 1903February 23,1993San Francisco,CA

Galvin Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bruce GalvinVictoria AppellDecember 10,1972Wake, NC
John GalvinSara WarrenDecember 31,1948Wake, NC
William GalvinRita GonzalesJune 5,2006Mclennan, TX
Michael GalvinElizabeth RyanAugust 6,1977Dallas, TX

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2443rd: Hite2444th: Seibert
2445th: Sisson2446th: Longo
2447th: Switzer2448th: Nagle

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