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Gannon Genealogy & History

Gannon is an Irish patronymic surname, from the Gaelic Mag Fhionnain, meaning son of the fair one. This likely refers to the Norse invaders of the ninth and tenth centuries and their descendants, since Ireland is not known for particularly light hair or skin. It might also be an English name, from the Anglo-Saxon given name Gunnhildr. Gannon family history starts in 1591, when Judith Ganninge was christened at St. Botolph�s in London. Notable members of Gannon genealogy include Vikings and Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon, Erie Archbishop and namesake of Gannon University John Gannon, and sportscaster Terry Gannon.

Gannon Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abby Gannon-- --, 1901July 12,1988IL
Barbara Gannon-- --, 1930October 17,1998MA
Calvin Gannon-- --, 1922May ,1985TN
Daisy Gannon-- --, 1883July ,1983CA

Gannon Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E James Gannon-- --, 1921May 26,2006Manchester Township,NJ
Fabiola Gannon-- --, 1898April ,1980Clio,MI
Gail Gannon-- --, 1917May 14,2006Fairfield,NJ
Hallie Gannon-- --, 1913February 24,2005Crescent Valley,NV

Gannon Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
John GannonLetitia MasonAugust 14,1933Wake, NC
Paul GannonCarrie ShoemakerMay 3,1947Wake, NC
Stephen GannonEileen McenteeAugust 31,1985Wake, NC
Michael GannonDomini Snyder ParkerMarch 1,2003Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Gannon

1918th: Ouellette1919th: Woodall
1920th: Herrmann1921st: Pendleton
1922nd: Hobson1923rd: Titus
1924th: Cho1925th: Wray
1926th: Lawler1927th: Ryder

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