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Gardner Genealogy & History

Gardner, with a variety of different spellings, is an occupational surname, originally used by French gardeners of noble families. The name also spread to the British Isles after the invasion and came originally from the early Germanic word "gard", for an enclosure, since it was vital to keep the kitchen garden producing fresh food and herbs for the family. Recorded Gardner family history starts with William de Gardin, in Oxford's charters in 1183. A few famous members of Gardner genealogy are New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner, Lieutenant General John Gardner, and astronaut Guy Gardner.

Gardner Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Dean Gardner-- --, 1932May 9,2010TX
Bailey Gardner-- --, 1916March ,1981SC
C Edith Gardner-- --, 1914March 20,1995OH
D Marie Gardner-- --, 1930December 26,2008SC

Gardner Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ann Gardner-- --, 1918December 21,1989Mayo,MD
F James Gardner-- --, 1931May 11,2005Inverness,FL
G Edwin Gardner-- --, 1913September 24,2006Volant,PA
H Brooks Gardner-- --, 1923June 17,2004Orinda,CA

Gardner Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Cecil GardnerWardie VestarMay 8,1943Wake, NC
Douglas GardnerLaura HoltJune 26,1940Wake, NC
Earnest GardnerThelma DillardJuly 3,1953Wake, NC
George GardnerBessie HendersonJune 28,1937Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Gardner

158th: Hart159th: Boyd
160th: Stephens161st: Hicks
162nd: Pierce163rd: Carroll
164th: O'Brien165th: Holmes
166th: Payne167th: Carpenter

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