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Garrison Genealogy & History

Garrison genealogy has two distinct but interwined roots. One is from German and French and derives from the common given names Gerard or Gerald. "Gerard" is comprised from "gari" (spear), and "hard" (brave); "Gerald" shares the same prefix of "gari", but its suffix is from "wald" (dominion). Gari-sons are thus the offspring of these soldiers. The other stem is from the military encampment (such as Garriston in North Yorkshire, England). There are over 200 sibling names for Garrison, including Garratt, Gerhard, Garred, Jarrelt, Jerard, and Gerrelts. Garrison family history in America starts in the 1700s.

Garrison Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Lenore Garrison-- --, 1920January 1,2005OH
Baggie Garrison-- --, 1897September ,1974TN
Caleb Garrison-- --, 1906July ,1987TX
D Isabell Garrison-- --, 1921June 2,1994NJ

Garrison Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E C Garrison-- --, 1909January 11,1997Venice,FL
Flora Garrison-- --, 1917December 22,1994Knobel,AR
Gabe Garrison-- --, 1887April ,1980Plainview,TX
H Baker Garrison-- --, 1919August 27,1988Corpus Christi,TX

Garrison Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Robert GarrisonJessie MayoNovember 24,1943Wake, NC
Thomas GarrisonA ParkerMay 13,1950Wake, NC
Henry GarrisonMary WhyleSeptember 29,1951Wake, NC
Nathaniel GarrisonKaren PuryearNovember 4,1984Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Garrison

522nd: Bond523rd: York
524th: Booth525th: Massey
526th: Conley527th: Rich
528th: Heath529th: Copeland
530th: Vincent531st: Dalton

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