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Garvin Genealogy & History

Garvin is a Gaelic surname of Scottish origin from the area of Midlothian. It is also found in Ireland in County Cork and Kerry, having originated in County Tyrone, where the family seat is located. It is the anglicized form of Gairbhith, a given name derived from garbh meaning cruel or rough and bith, meaning luck, ill fortune, or fate, suggesting that the name was given to someone who suffered a cruel fortune or was unlucky. Garvin genealogy gives the family motto as always helping . A famous family member in Garvin family history is retired basketball player James Garvin.

Garvin Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Garvin-- --, 1922March 19,2002SC
B Ann Garvin-- --, 1924July 9,1993MA
Callie Garvin-- --, 1898June ,1980SC
Daisy Garvin-- --, 1907September 22,1996MD

Garvin Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Garvin-- --, 1910February ,1988Blairsville,PA
Fanita Garvin-- --, 1922August ,1981New York,NY
Gail Garvin-- --, 1950May 7,2000Sharon Hill,PA
H Leroy Garvin-- --, 1913February 12,2008Ypsilanti,MI

Garvin Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Adrian GarvinTeneka DickersonNovember 16,2001Lamar, TX
Barry GarvinErin GillespieOctober 1,2001Dallas, TX
Clifford GarvinLisa SalingJune 14,2003Wise, TX
Dean GarvinDionne SpringmanFebruary 6,2000Potter, TX

Most Common Surnames After Garvin

2360th: Herr2361st: Hartmann
2362nd: Glaser2363rd: Burleson
2364th: Kopp2365th: Bolden
2366th: Boston2367th: Dorman
2368th: Laws2369th: Ragsdale

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