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Gauthier Genealogy & History

Gauthier is an ancient French name first found in Languedoc. There are over 30 recorded spelling variations of this name, among which are Gauthi, Gothyer, Gautiai, Gautyaie, Gothiait, and Gauthiez. The name stems from the Old French personal name Gauldheri (army ruler). The name would have been given to a person who held a commanding position in a medieval French army. Gauthier family history records that Joseph Gauthier, settled in New York in 1821, and a Charles Gauthier settled there in 1838. Some individuals found in Gauthier genealogy include operatic mezzo-soprano �va�Gauthier, ice hockey forward Gabe Gauthier, and science fiction author �ric Gauthier.

Gauthier Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Haven Gauthier-- --, 1923April 8,2007NY
Bailey Gauthier-- --, 2000November 1,2000NY
Calvin Gauthier-- --, 1915May 10,2005WA
Dale Gauthier-- --, 1927June 15,1998MI

Gauthier Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Gauthier-- --, 1925December 11,2002South Hadley,MA
F Hector Gauthier-- --, 1917March 19,2005Millville,MA
Gabriel Gauthier-- --, 1925February 23,1993Waterbury,CT
Hannah Gauthier-- --, 1918December ,1985Erie,PA

Gauthier Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Luc GauthierTrevlyn HoldridgeJanuary 4,1990Wake, NC
Rolland GauthierKristin CrawfordJuly 12,1996Wake, NC
Zane GauthierPaula MatlockMay 22,1976Hale, TX
Victor GauthierMarion HowardJanuary 15,1977Los Angeles, CA

Most Common Surnames After Gauthier

1693rd: Souza1694th: Arrington
1695th: Stubbs1696th: Kyle
1697th: Manuel1698th: Burnham
1699th: Friend1700th: Cleary
1701st: Corley1702nd: Juarez

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