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Geary Genealogy & History

Geary is an English and Irish name with many possible origins. If English, it could be derived from the Middle English word ge(a)ry, meaning fickle, or the Old German word ger or gar, meaning spear. If the former, it probably originated as a nickname; if the latter, likely a personal name. If it is Irish, it was derived from the Gaelic surname O� Gadhra, meaning son of the hound. Geary family history is first recorded with Richard Geri (an alternate spelling), who lived in Oxfordshire in 1195. Geary genealogy includes John W. Geary, a Union general, governor of Kansas Territory and Pennsylvania, and San Francisco�s first mayor.

Geary Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbie Geary-- --, 1890May ,1979MA
Barbara Geary-- --, 1914November ,1985RI
Cal Geary-- --, 1889February ,1975NE
Daisy Geary-- --, 1885February ,1970IL

Geary Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Geary-- --, 1916January 27,1997Malden,MA
Faaniniva Geary-- --, 1918October 28,2009Honolulu,HI
Gail Geary-- --, 1937August 14,2007San Antonio,TX
Han Geary-- --, 1950December 14,2009Madison,OH

Geary Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brandon GearyMisty WalkerSeptember 2,2000Tarrant, TX
Glenn GearyBarbara MitchellOctober 27,1967Wake, NC
James GearyJosephine RhoadsMay 28,1954Wake, NC
Richard GearyBobbie SmithDecember 16,2000Montgomery, TX

Most Common Surnames After Geary

2303rd: Harkins2304th: Brunson
2305th: Pence2306th: Baumgartner
2307th: High2308th: Coyne
2309th: Dupree2310th: Corrigan
2311th: Croft2312th: Espinosa

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