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Gee Genealogy & History

Gee is an English locational surname, from the village of Gee Cross near Stockport in Cheshire, and the name is first recorded there. However, it could also come from the Old French geai, meaning jay, and may have been given to someone tending to chatter or bustle around. Gee family history starts when Dicon Gee was entered in the register of a parish in Gee Cross in 1494. Some well-known members of Gee genealogy are actress Prunella Gee, novelist Maggie Gee, naturalist Edward Pritchard Gee, minor USSR spy Ethel Gee, and evolutionary biologist and senior Nature editor Henry Gee.

Gee Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Gee-- --, 1909October ,1967FL
B Dalton Gee-- --, 1921April 1,1995SC
C Bernice Gee-- --, 1932March 10,2006NC
Daisy Gee-- --, 1901September ,1984AR

Gee Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Franklin Gee-- --, 1919April 1,2004Bennet,NE
Faa Gee-- --, 1912May ,1976San Francisco,CA
G Parker Gee-- --, 1919August 6,1991Fort Wayne,IN
Haddon Gee-- --, 1932March 16,2005Pueblo,CO

Gee Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Carl GeePatricia SehiJune 27,1998Wake, NC
John GeeMary PowellFebruary 23,1938Wake, NC
Kenneth GeeSiew LeeJune 26,2000Wake, NC
Paul GeeAdele TschumperFebruary 26,2000Lampasas, TX

Most Common Surnames After Gee

1458th: Rainey1459th: Kilgore
1460th: Read1461st: Mayes
1462nd: Landis1463rd: Tripp
1464th: Lau1465th: Herndon
1466th: Ash1467th: Bunch

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