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Gentile Genealogy & History

Gentile stems from the medieval English and Old French word gentil, denoting a well-mannered and or noble-born person. Some of the different spellings include Gent, Gentte, Geent, Geents, Gentle, Gintel, Jentle, Gentyl, and Gentili. The first known member to migrate to America is George Gent, who settled in Maryland in 1739. Gentile family history gives the first known recording of the name as Osbert le Gentil in the Pipe Rolls of Hampshire, England, in 1202. Some members of the Gentile genealogy are author and scuba, technical, and wreck diver Gary Gentile; Olympic athlete and discus thrower Edera Gentile; and philosopher Giovanni Gentile.

Gentile Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Achille G.-- --, 1901April ,1966NY
Baldassere G.-- --, 1916October 1,2002MO
C Mary G.-- --, 1914June 18,2004CA
Dan G.-- --, 1917February 9,2002NY

Gentile Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl G.-- --, 1913February 19,1993Altoona,PA
Fabiana G.-- --, 1892October ,1976Bridgeport,PA
Gabriel G.-- --, 1922December 26,2000Fort Bragg,CA
Hans G.-- --, 1923October 19,2001Mahopac,NY

Gentile Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian G.Andrea StoreyOctober 7,2006Wake, NC
Kenneth G.Lana HallmanAugust 25,1965Wake, NC
Michael G.Holly SpurrierApril 7,2006Wake, NC
Scott G.Amy RodriguezDecember 31,2001Bexar, TX

Most Common Surnames After Gentile

1999th: Smallwood2000th: Vigil
2001st: Busby2002nd: Mattingly
2003rd: Medeiros2004th: Dowd
2005th: Ruth2006th: Priest
2007th: Keyes2008th: Robb

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