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George is a surname used all over Europe, albeit with many radically different spellings. It comes from the ancient Greek georgios, meaning farmer, and spread to western Europe following the Crusades, as relatives of those lost in the struggle commemorated their loved ones with names reminiscent of the Bible. George family history starts with the recording of Hugo Georgii in the Norfolk county register in 1202, though similar entries sprout up all over Europe shortly thereafter. George genealogy includes prolific and Newbery-Award-winning children's author Jen Craighead George, Chicago Archbishop Francis George, Prime Minister Lloyd George, and prominent Cook Island politician Norman George.

George Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Gene George-- --, 1929April 4,1991OH
Baba George-- --, 1906March 21,1993PA
C Alexande George-- --, 1914October 24,2001PA
D Etoy George-- --, 1916April 16,2001TX

George Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Anita George-- --, 1922April 29,2008Altoona,PA
F Goldeena George-- --, 1923October 27,2003Santa Paula,CA
Gregory George-- --, 1966April 22,1996New Orleans,LA
H Jay George-- --, 1926May 1,2005Arcadia,NE

George Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alfred GeorgeMarjorie SewellSeptember 8,1941Wake, NC
Charles GeorgeEdith WhitakerApril 28,1945Wake, NC
Darcy GeorgeMary SaundersDecember 21,1940Wake, NC
Parker GeorgeLucy PerryDecember 1,1934Wake, NC

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214th: Welch215th: Davidson
216th: Newman217th: Montgomery
218th: Schwartz219th: Dean
220th: Austin221st: Keller

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