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Gilbert genealogy originates with the Norman name of "Gislebert" or "Gillebert" (from the Germanic "gisil", meaning hostage or noble youth), and "berht" (bright or famous), and was brought to England in 1066. In the Middle Ages, Gilbert was a very popular given name in England (due in part to St. Gilbert of Sempringham, founder of the only native English monastic order) and consequently generated many surname variants, including Gylberte, Gislebert, Guilbert and Gilebert. The Gilbert family history in America starts in 1607 in Maine. Notable Gilberts include the dramatist, librettist, poet, and illustrator W. S. Gilbert and the engineer Barrie Gilbert.

Gilbert Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Dean Gilbert-- --, 1917August 14,2004PA
B Estelle Gilbert-- --, 1923December 1,2000GA
C Bennett Gilbert-- --, 1923May 19,2001NC
D Armese Gilbert-- --, 1925September 13,2009ID

Gilbert Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Cecilia Gilbert-- --, 1915March 14,2000Downingtown,PA
Fabiana Gilbert-- --, 1987October 25,2002Utica,MI
G Carol Gilbert-- --, 1913May 5,2005Newton,KS
H Earl Gilbert-- --, 1921December ,1983New Paris,OH

Gilbert Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aubrey GilbertGeraldine LammJuly 19,1958Wake, NC
Clyde GilbertMarie BarbeeApril 23,1937Wake, NC
Donald GilbertCheryl EstesMay 22,1971Wake, NC
Eugene GilbertBetty HesterOctober 16,1964Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Gilbert

209th: Williamson210th: Willis
211th: George212th: Watkins
213th: Howell214th: Welch
215th: Davidson216th: Newman
217th: Montgomery218th: Schwartz

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