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Giles Genealogy & History

Giles is a European surname, a short form of the Greek Aegidius, which means "wearer of the goatskin", a common garment for religious hermits, used as a nickname for people devoted to improving their community. It took on many different spellings throughout England and continental Europe, like Gillette, Ilchman, and Jiles. Giles family history begins with the recording of Ailward Gile in the Buckinghamshire pipe rolls in 1176. Giles genealogy includes linguist Herbert Giles, co-founder of the Wade-Giles Romanization system for converting Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet. Giles County, Virginia, is named for William Henry Giles.

Giles Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Virginia Giles-- --, 1921June 10,2003PA
Baptiste Giles-- --, 1926June 7,1998LA
C Everett Giles-- --, 1915February ,1986IL
D Ruth Giles-- --, 1922January 14,2009OH

Giles Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Glenn Giles-- --, 1916August 5,1989Moweaqua,IL
Fairfax Giles-- --, 1924April 19,2004Henderson,NV
Gabriel Giles-- --, 1909May 14,2004Pittsburgh,PA
H Manton Giles-- --, 1918February 22,1999Saint Petersburg,FL

Giles Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Al GilesRuby SurlesDecember 30,1950Wake, NC
Billy GilesPatricia GodfreyMarch 6,1971Wake, NC
Charles GilesPatricia BarrMay 28,1949Wake, NC
Dalton GilesMary HarrisAugust 8,1970Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Giles

770th: Herring771st: Lutz
772nd: Good773rd: Kuhn
774th: Frye775th: Best
776th: Rosenberg777th: Faulkner
778th: Coffey779th: Hanna

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