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Gillespie Genealogy & History

Gillespie is an Irish and Scottish last name, coming from the Gaelic Mac giolla Easpuig, which means "son of the bishop's servant"; oddly, easpuig comes from the Latin episcopus, meaning bishop, making it unique among Gaelic names. Gillespie family history enters the books with Teag Mac Giolla Epscoip, chief of Aeilabhra, in County Down, noted in the Medieval Irish Records in 1175. Gillespie genealogy has a few notable individuals in its ranks, namely physical chemist Daniel Gillespie, inventor of the Gillespie algorithm; Republican strategist and lobbyist Ed Gillespie; and ophthalmologist Fredrick Gillespie, for whom Gillespie syndrome is named.

Gillespie Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Madge Gillespie-- --, 1925December 1,2005IL
Barbara Gillespie-- --, 1930December 24,1999MA
C Anna Gillespie-- --, 1929January 3,2008OH
Dae Gillespie-- --, 1922April 30,1998NC

Gillespie Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Arthur Gillespie-- --, 1923November 18,2004Rahway,NJ
Fae Gillespie-- --, 1914February 23,1993Idaho Falls,ID
G Lincoln Gillespie-- --, 1928July 14,2000Orem,UT
H Frank Gillespie-- --, 1919December 27,1991Greenville,SC

Gillespie Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew GillespieBeverly TreadwellFebruary 24,1968Wake, NC
Chester GillespieAnna JewettApril 11,1947Wake, NC
David GillespieOstine BrownJuly 28,1951Wake, NC
Edwin GillespieKathyrn WilliamsDecember 7,1977Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Gillespie

641st: Buckley642nd: Roach
643rd: Solomon644th: Frost
645th: Kemp646th: Leblanc
647th: McConnell648th: Brandt
649th: Beasley650th: Duffy

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