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Gilliland Genealogy & History

Gilliland is a Scottish patronymic surname, a variant of the surname Gilfillan, which is an anglicized version of the Old Gaelic Gillefhaolain, meaning son of the servant of St. Fillan. Fillan itself comes from faol, for wolf. Gilliland family history begins in 1330, when Gilbert McGillolane was enrolled as the Captain of Clenconnan in Galloway in the Register of the Great Seal of Scotland. Gilliland genealogy includes award-winning writer and cartoonist Alexis Gilliland and chemical engineer and civil servant Edwin Gilliland.

Gilliland Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Glenwood Gilliland-- --, 1912October 6,1994IA
Bailey Gilliland-- --, 1919February ,1977AL
C Andrew Gilliland-- --, 1923November 25,2002TX
Dadie Gilliland-- --, 1932February 24,2009AL

Gilliland Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Howard Gilliland-- --, 1922February 19,2001Mc Cook,NE
Fairy Gilliland-- --, 1907July 12,1998Crofton,KY
G Marie Gilliland-- --, 1924April 29,2001Clearwater,KS
H Ted Gilliland-- --, 1914August 4,1998San Diego,CA

Gilliland Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur GillilandJerri BrunnerDecember 8,2004Tarrant, TX
Eric GillilandJulianne ToddNovember 9,2002Liberty, TX
Garrett GillilandSelina ObarSeptember 14,2002Johnson, TX
Kyle GillilandTeresa MillsJune 22,1985Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Gilliland

2153rd: Villa2154th: Schell
2155th: Callaway2156th: Shelley
2157th: Stump2158th: Eller
2159th: Rinehart2160th: Chastain
2161st: Rudd2162nd: Sams

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