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Justice, as the name implies, refers to someone honorable. An occupational name for a judicial officer (judge/justice of the peace) or a nickname for fair-minded, the derivation from Middle English/Old French (justice), from the Latin (justus), means just or honorable. Justice family history traces to a feudal estate in Scotland (Perthshire and Angus), with English variations including Justine, Justis, Justus, and Justyse. The family motto, non sine cause, means not without a cause; swords on the crest and coat of arms symbolize justice. American Justice genealogy traces to Brita Justice's 1627 arrival in Philadelphia. Poet Donald Justice was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1980.

Gleason Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Francis Gleason-- --, 1925May 22,1999NY
Barbara Gleason-- --, 1919September 7,1998NH
C Elaine Gleason-- --, 1942May 25,1988NY
D June Gleason-- --, 1921May 7,2002NY

Gleason Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Claire Gleason-- --, 1919August 30,2009Vermilion,OH
F Beverly Gleason-- --, 1928November 1,2006Warren,PA
G Dale Gleason-- --, 1931December 1,2009Hutchinson,KS
H Elsie Gleason-- --, 1923October 2,2002Woodland Hills,CA

Gleason Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Billy GleasonDanielle ArmsteadMay 21,1999Wake, NC
Scott GleasonJennifer BenderMay 24,1998Wake, NC
Michael GleasonClaudia WattsJune 25,2001Wake, NC
John GleasonCrystal JamesJuly 29,2000Llano, TX

Most Common Surnames After Gleason

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1034th: Cash1035th: Hopper
1036th: Dempsey1037th: Dominguez
1038th: Locke1039th: Schafer
1040th: Alvarado1041st: Fish

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