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Glover is an English surname, describing a man who made gloves´┐Żusually from cloth such as leather or wool, but there are records of metal gauntlets being constructed for suits of armor. William de Glouere is the first member of written Glover family history, entered in the Middle English Surnames of Occupation in 1250. In America, the Glovers got started with Henry Glover, who sailed to Jamestown, Virginia in 1624. Well-known members of Glover genealogy include actor Danny Glover, actor and comedian Donald Glover, and Scottish merchant Thomas Glover, who was a prominent figure in the industrialization of Japan.

Glover Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Annette Glover-- --, 1926June 5,2001KS
Bana Glover-- --, 1887May ,1982TX
C Diane Glover-- --, 1943November 15,1993MI
D Lee Glover-- --, 1936November 17,1991NC

Glover Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Edward Glover-- --, 1930August 15,1996Brooklyn,NY
F Scott Glover-- --, 1914December 15,1989Sugar Land,TX
G Kenneth Glover-- --, 1922October 25,1997Woodland Park,CO
H Dale Glover-- --, 1918March 3,2008Holyoke,CO

Glover Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aggie GloverFlorence MadryJanuary 3,1931Wake, NC
Barbee GloverSarah CashAugust 18,1951Wake, NC
Claiborne GloverIsabelle HuntNovember 21,1937Wake, NC
Elbert GloverAnnie WinsteadOctober 12,1938Wake, NC

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483rd: Horn484th: Tran
485th: Kirk486th: Berger
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