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Goff is an Welsh, Irish, Celtic, or French surname�possibly more than one. As a Celtic name, the origin is of the Gaelic goha, Cornish gov or Breton gof, meaning blacksmith. If Welsh, it would come from the word "coch", meaning red, and given to someone with red hair or ruddy skin. Geoffrey was brought from Normandy with the Battle of Hastings. Lastly, the Irish Goff comes from the patronymic of the name Eochaidh, which means horseman. Goff family history starts with Bertram Goffe, recorded in the Lincolnshire Fine Court Rolls in 1208. Goff genealogy includes New York Giants linebacker Jonathan Goff.

Goff Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Goff-- --, 1916January 3,2000FL
Bacil Goff-- --, 1911July ,1971OH
C David Goff-- --, 1923October 22,2000PA
Dabney Goff-- --, 1887December 15,1965VA

Goff Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ealinor Goff-- --, 1919August 3,2006Clarksburg,WV
Fairy Goff-- --, 1901July 17,1998Lexington,TN
G Albert Goff-- --, 1914January ,1981West Columbia,SC
H Franklin Goff-- --, 1922June 5,1992Kokomo,IN

Goff Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Busby GoffDenise BarronApril 13,2007Wake, NC
Danny GoffDebra PressleyOctober 5,1991Wake, NC
Elmer GoffVirginia HillAugust 25,1954Wake, NC
Frank GoffJanie AlleyJune 15,1970Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Goff

886th: Delaney887th: Welsh
888th: Moses889th: Sears
890th: Emerson891st: Galloway
892nd: Petty893rd: Camp
894th: Guzman895th: McGowan

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