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Gold Genealogy & History

Gold is an English surname, from the Old German golda or golde, meaning gold and often used for people with golden hair or those who were thought to be particularly precious. It may also be for people who worked with gold in some capacity, mostly in the skilled trades. Gold family history begins with Walter Golde, who was added to the Pipe Rolls of Devonshire in 1165. Gold genealogy boasts of several noteworthy people, such as Pulitzer-winning critic Jonathan Gold, prominent pianist and broadcaster Glenn Gould (born Gold), and bodybuilder and Gold's Gym founder Joe Gold.

Gold Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Gold-- --, 1901February ,1980NY
Babette Gold-- --, 1902June ,1975NY
Calvin Gold-- --, 1922April 6,2001MN
Daisy Gold-- --, 1893April ,1975NC

Gold Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eada Gold-- --, 1909February ,1992Bronx,NY
Fae Gold-- --, 1904May ,1968Los Angeles,CA
G Helen Gold-- --, 1934October 23,2006Albany,NY
H John Gold-- --, 1919January 11,1998Saint Petersburg,FL

Gold Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur GoldMarguerite LiskeyAugust 5,1977Wake, NC
Christopher GoldJami ArcherJune 17,2001Collin, TX
George GoldCarolyn ThompsonJuly 24,1970Wake, NC
Willie GoldFrances VickersJune 27,1936Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Gold

1133rd: Seymour1134th: Crouch
1135th: Gilliam1136th: Whitley
1137th: Tomlinson1138th: Magee
1139th: Greenwood1140th: Connelly
1141st: Hutchison1142nd: Connell

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