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Goldsmith Genealogy & History

Goldsmith is a Scottish, English and German occupational surname denoting a gold metal-worker, derived from both Old English and Old German, and can be an anglicized Goldschmidt. Metal-working was one of the first occupations requiring special skills, resulting in esteem for the related occupational names in medieval times. Although Goldsmith family history is first found in the English counties of Essex and Norfolk in the 13th century, the name is predominantly Scottish, from the borderlands of Roxburghshire. Irish poet andnovelist Oliver Goldsmith is a notable nameholder. American Goldsmith genealogy dates to 1618 in Virginia. The lion on a Goldsmith coat of arms signifies fierce courage.

Goldsmith Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Goldsmith-- --, 1919May 27,2007NY
Ballenger Goldsmith-- --, 1924May 24,1989MD
C Oliver Goldsmith-- --, 1927May 12,1997MD
Daisy Goldsmith-- --, 1899April ,1990NH

Goldsmith Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Gardner Goldsmith-- --, 1916January 31,1993Milwaukee,WI
F Boyd Goldsmith-- --, 1946June 22,1989Boca Grande,FL
Gabriel Goldsmith-- --, 1916August 13,1994Boca Raton,FL
Halina Goldsmith-- --, 1924February ,1985Columbus,OH

Goldsmith Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Cy GoldsmithBeverly LewisMarch 31,1966Wake, NC
Dewayne GoldsmithDiann RossAugust 29,2003Dallas, TX
Eddie GoldsmithRandi PrestonJune 20,2003Grayson, TX
Gregory GoldsmithAmber DozierMay 24,2003Orange, TX

Most Common Surnames After Goldsmith

1574th: Rhoades1575th: Schwab
1576th: Benoit1577th: Hyatt
1578th: O'Malley1579th: Guidry
1580th: Madsen1581st: Thacker
1582nd: Sheffield1583rd: Cates

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