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Goldstein Genealogy & History

Goldstein, like most names beginning with "Gold", tends to be a German-Jewish name. When surnames were beginning to be assigned (especially to Jews, who tended to acquire surnames later), Christian interpretation of biblical usury restrictions forbade Christians to be moneylenders or bankers. Jews took over much of those industries. The word "gold" comes from Proto-Germanic "gulthan" and is found in names where German was spoken, so Goldman family history often starts there. Goldstein genealogy includes Nobel laureate Joseph L. Goldstein; the actor Elliot Goldstein (better known as Elliot Gould); and the chief rabbi of South Africa, Warren Goldstein.

Goldstein Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Leonard Goldstein-- --, 1928May 25,2008NY
Babette Goldstein-- --, 1890May ,1979NY
Calman Goldstein-- --, 1925September 19,1993NY
Dagmar Goldstein-- --, 1899May 8,1989NY

Goldstein Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ernest Goldstein-- --, 1918May 28,2008Atlanta,GA
Fae Goldstein-- --, 1907June ,1985Brooklyn,NY
Gabriel Goldstein-- --, 1917August 8,2000New York,NY
Halbert Goldstein-- --, 1908January ,1982Austin,TX

Goldstein Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bernard GoldsteinGeorgia LambrightJanuary 29,1982Wake, NC
David GoldsteinJennifer BowersOctober 21,2006Wake, NC
Harry GoldsteinStella SachsNovember 17,1945Wake, NC
Joseph GoldsteinDorita DauphinaisDecember 27,1975Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Goldstein

611th: Chang612th: Wiley
613th: Shannon614th: Stafford
615th: Kaplan616th: Preston
617th: Mathis618th: Krueger
619th: Gould620th: Merritt

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