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Gonzales Genealogy & History

Gonzales is a Spanish and Portuguese surname. As is somewhat common for names of that region, it originally comes from the Germanic Visigoth tribe, who conquered virtually all of Iberia after the fall of the Western Roman Empire and held it for quite some time. It comes from the Germanic baptismal name "Gundisalvus", meaning battlefield. Gonzales family history comes on the record books with the christening of Marcos Gonzales de Junguito at Segovia in 1556. Gonzales genealogy includes many well-known people, such as Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez, and Cuban repatriate Elian Gonzalez.

Gonzales Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Gonzales-- --, 1906December ,1986NM
Bacilia Gonzales-- --, 1877March ,1976CA
C A Babe Gonzales-- --, 1927July ,1993CA
Daisey Gonzales-- --, 1914March ,1994TX

Gonzales Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eally Gonzales-- --, 1924April 30,1989Fort Davis,TX
Fabian Gonzales-- --, 1900November ,1983San Diego,TX
Gabino Gonzales-- --, 1924June 12,2007Bakersfield,CA
H Everett Gonzales-- --, 1917April 17,2005Elk River,MN

Gonzales Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Jose GonzalesMelody MackJuly 3,1978Wake, NC
Fredy GonzalesCristabel RivasMarch 7,2002Wake, NC
Abraham GonzalesJennifer JacoboDecember 1,2000Howard, TX
Ubaldo GonzalesMayra ZubiaFebruary 26,2004Midland, TX

Most Common Surnames After Gonzales

257th: Lambert258th: Barnett
259th: Zimmerman260th: Wolfe
261st: Bates262nd: Washington
263rd: Swanson264th: Stanley
265th: Benson266th: Barker

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