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Goode Genealogy & History

Goode comes from the Old English word god, meaning good. It likely started as a nickname given to people who were considered good and pious´┐Żor perhaps was sarcastically given to people who weren't. It could also have been taken from the personal names Goda or Gode, which have similar origins. Goode family history is likely first recorded in the Domesday Book, where people with the surname God (an alternate spelling) were found in Sussex, Wiltshire, and Kent. Goode genealogy includes Sarah E. Goode, the first African-American woman to receive a patent; she invented a folding cabinet bed in 1885.

Goode Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Goode-- --, 1912June 25,2005NY
Babe Goode-- --, 1921December ,1979IN
C D Goode-- --, 1935December 27,1995SC
D Rex Goode-- --, 1920January 1,2009FL

Goode Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Goode-- --, 1901March ,1973Old Orchard Beach,ME
Fae Goode-- --, 1890January ,1983Lucedale,MS
G Hobart Goode-- --, 1912March 18,1990Chester,IL
Hal Goode-- --, 1902December ,1981Dayton,OH

Goode Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alex GoodeMary RogersAugust 16,1940Wake, NC
Brian GoodeCandie AdamsDecember 4,1999Wake, NC
Carlton GoodeConnie MaySeptember 23,1972Wake, NC
David GoodeMary HigginsJanuary 29,2000Montgomery, TX

Most Common Surnames After Goode

1477th: Zimmer1478th: Busch
1479th: Pettit1480th: Schreiber
1481st: McCollum1482nd: Hurd
1483rd: Rudolph1484th: Duvall
1485th: Ramey1486th: Wiseman

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