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Gore Genealogy & History

Some claim that the Gore family name arose in Flanders. Others, however, maintain that it is of Anglo-Saxon origin, a place name stemming from Gore (Court) in Kent, or Gore in Wiltshire, both from the Old English gara, meaning gore (a triangular piece of land). This meaning is still used today to describe the triangular zone between a highway and its on-ramp. The first recorded spelling of the name in the Gore family history is that of Ralph de la Gare in 1181 in the Pipe Rolls of Kent. Al Gore, former vice president and environmental advocate, is among numerous prominent names in the Gore genealogy.

Gore Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Gore-- --, 1906February ,1984NJ
Bailey Gore-- --, 1928August 17,1996TN
C Glen Gore-- --, 1922May 6,2008IN
D Merle Gore-- --, 1912February 18,2007PA

Gore Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Britt Gore-- --, 1915October 7,1996Asheboro,NC
F Maurice Gore-- --, 1916November 21,1998Plano,TX
G Maxine Gore-- --, 1927December 5,2009Urbandale,IA
H Allen Gore-- --, 1924July 6,1999Rochester,NY

Gore Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert GoreJeannette ShelorMarch 23,1985Wake, NC
Billy GoreAmber MarkhamJanuary 21,2000Bell, TX
Cary GoreMellanie GregoryFebruary 14,2000Tarrant, TX
Daniel GoreMary CutliffJune 2,1951Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Gore

1234th: Hollingsworth1235th: Purcell
1236th: Herron1237th: Walden
1238th: Guerra1239th: Stinson
1240th: Bowden1241st: Silverman
1242nd: Mobley1243rd: Tyson

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