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Gorman is an English and Irish surname. The English name comes from the Middle English patronymic Gormund, which descends from the Old English Garmund: "gar" for spear, and "mund", for protection. The Irish version comes from Mac Gorman, which means "son of the blue one". In some cases, either might be instead a topographical surname for someone living near a gore, or triangular piece of land. Gorman family history begins in the books with William Gormund, entered in Wiltshire's Hundred rolls in 1273. Gorman genealogy includes a few well-known individuals, such as five-term turn of the century Maryland Senator Arthur Gorman, General Paul Gorman, and Irish economist Terrence Gorman.

Gorman Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Gorman-- --, 1889June ,1976CA
B Frank Gorman-- --, 1922August 31,1990SC
C Annita Gorman-- --, 1919May 18,2010RI
D June Gorman-- --, 1917July 17,2007MN

Gorman Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jean Gorman-- --, 1923November 16,2009South Solon,OH
F David Gorman-- --, 1926March 23,2007Pinehurst,NC
G Ansel Gorman-- --, 1918June 15,2006Leesburg,VA
H Kathryne Gorman-- --, 1918December 14,2004Holt,MI

Gorman Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alvin GormanAnne JohnsonDecember 31,1977Wake, NC
Bernard GormanCharlotte PecoyJune 1,1955Wake, NC
Eugene GormanKathleen ReynoldsAugust 17,1960Wake, NC
Robert GormanDorothy PeterMarch 4,1963Wake, NC

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838th: McPherson839th: Byrne
840th: Riggs841st: Walls
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