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Grace Genealogy & History

Grace is an English and French surname, from a variety of sources. First, it comes from the Old French and Middle English grace, meaning charm and pleasantness, descending from the Latin gratia. Grace was also a given name, from the Old German grisja and Old French gris, both meaning gray, and equivalent to the Middle English grece. Grace family history enters the books with Henry Grece, who was added to the Northamptonshire Hundred Rolls in 1275. Grace genealogy reveals several famous people, such as Cubs and Diamondbacks first baseman Mark Grace, TV host Nancy Grace, and actor Topher Grace.

Grace Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Grace-- --, 1916November 3,2007NY
Barbara Grace-- --, 1934August 13,1998NH
C Dix Grace-- --, 1931October 20,2007UT
Daisy Grace-- --, 1904August ,1986FL

Grace Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Dee Grace-- --, 1937March 8,2008Carefree,AZ
Faddie Grace-- --, 1928November 6,2005Seattle,WA
Ganson Grace-- --, 1911February 4,1997Garden Grove,CA
Hallie Grace-- --, 1909November ,1986West,MS

Grace Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Benton GraceOllie SandersMay 4,1982Wake, NC
Leroy GraceLima TomlinsonNovember 26,1962Wake, NC
James GraceDanta SmithMay 11,1985Wake, NC
Walter GraceTracy HoffmanNovember 11,1989Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Grace

1109th: De Witt1110th: Maher
1111th: Crabtree1112th: Trujillo
1113th: Pollock1114th: Coffman
1115th: Goss1116th: Beatty
1117th: McManus1118th: Dillard

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