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Grady Genealogy & History

Grady is an Irish patronymic surname, from the Old Gaelic O'Gradaigh, with Gradaigh itself a personal name from grada, meaning the illustrious one. The family was part of the Dalcassian Irish clan, which lived primarily in the northern parts of Ireland, which may have contributed to records being later than most English names, though certainly earlier than many Irish names; Grady family history begins in 1364, when Bishop John O'Grady of Tuam was added to the Ecclesiastical Records of County Galway. Grady genealogy includes a few noteworthy people, such as former Baltimore mayor, state attorney, and judge Harold Grady.

Grady Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Floyd Grady-- --, 1943April ,1987TN
Barbara Grady-- --, 1913September ,1993MA
C Powell Grady-- --, 1912June 26,1996CA
Daisey Grady-- --, 1911February 21,2000NC

Grady Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Russell Grady-- --, 1918December ,1985Los Altos,CA
Fabiola Grady-- --, 1910March 2,1995Burbank,CA
Gail Grady-- --, 1910January ,1984Jacksonville,FL
H Walton Grady-- --, 1932December 2,1993Port Richey,FL

Grady Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony GradyPamela UnderwoodJune 28,1986Wake, NC
Buster GradyLois CarrollOctober 15,1951Wake, NC
Charles GradyDorothy HurtMarch 30,1954Wake, NC
Dennis GradyJudith WarrenSeptember 4,1971Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Grady

1131st: Minor1132nd: Gold
1133rd: Seymour1134th: Crouch
1135th: Gilliam1136th: Whitley
1137th: Tomlinson1138th: Magee
1139th: Greenwood1140th: Connelly

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