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Graves is an English surname, the patronymic form of the name Grave, from the Middle English "greyve", Old Norse "greifi", and finally Low German "greve", all meaning steward. Graves family history goes on the books with the entry of Robert Greyue in the Records of the Borough of Nottinghamshire, in 1255. Graves genealogy boasts several famous individuals, such as Missouri Representative Sam Graves, two-term Kansas Governor Bill Graves, and English poet and novelist Robert Graves. Though American actor Peter Graves (of Mission Impossible fame) was not born with that last name, it is in his maternal ancestry.

Graves Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Louise Graves-- --, 1921March 16,2009TX
B Idella Graves-- --, 1919March 8,2009KS
C Dean Graves-- --, 1927December 28,2006CO
D Clyde Graves-- --, 1912December 29,2006NC

Graves Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Caroline Graves-- --, 1924March 3,1998Tulsa,OK
F Dorene Graves-- --, 1919January 1,2003Plano,TX
G Irene Graves-- --, 1926September 19,2002Columbus,OH
H Brice Graves-- --, 1912October 12,2005Henrico,VA

Graves Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Cranor GravesRita GassmanAugust 6,1971Wake, NC
Erick GravesStephanie FarnumJanuary 6,2000Brazos, TX
Frankie GravesKellene CoatsNovember 11,2000Llano, TX
Kenneth GravesEdwina WeldonNovember 28,1948Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Graves

301st: Page302nd: Doyle
303rd: Griffith304th: Watts
305th: Vaughn306th: Schroeder
307th: Ball308th: Fletcher
309th: Reeves310th: Horton

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