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Greenwood Genealogy & History

Greenwood is an ancient British surname deriving from the Old English grene (the green sward) + wudu (a wood). The Greenwode settlement near Heptonstall, a lost medieval village in West Yorkshire, was the home of Wyomarus de Greenwode, thought to be the primary ancestor of the British Greenwood family. Variants found in the Greenwood genealogy include Greenwoode, Greanwood, Grunewood, Greenwude, Greenewude, and numerous others. An early colonist to New England was John Greenwood, who sailed from London to Virginia in 1634 at the age of 16. Notable members of the modern Greenwood family history include Chester Greenwood of Farmington, Maine, who invented the earmuff.

Greenwood Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Joann Greenwood-- --, 1923July 25,2010CA
B James Greenwood-- --, 1920November 24,1993VT
Caddie Greenwood-- --, 1904March ,1984VT
D Robert Greenwood-- --, 1928May 3,1998MI

Greenwood Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Blair Greenwood-- --, 1921March 24,2007Bethlehem,PA
Fady Greenwood-- --, 1892June ,1980Tuskegee,AL
G Raymond Greenwood-- --, 1952October ,1986San Francisco,CA
H Edward Greenwood-- --, 1926January 23,2005Shenandoah,IA

Greenwood Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian GreenwoodMaureen JerrickJanuary 28,2002Bexar, TX
Chad GreenwoodJessica BartonSeptember 24,2000Potter, TX
Donald GreenwoodJosephine MascheckJanuary 13,2000Pecos, TX
Frederick GreenwoodSarah MossJune 6,1966Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Greenwood

1140th: Connelly1141st: Hutchison
1142nd: Connell1143rd: Foreman
1144th: McDonough1145th: Larkin
1146th: Tompkins1147th: Couch
1148th: Pritchard1149th: McClellan

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