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Grimm Genealogy & History

Grimm has many spellings, including Grimar, Grimek, Grimme, and Grimbach. It stems from the eighth-century Norse Viking name Grimr, meaning the fierce one. Religious and political problems led some Grimms to move to America. The first known Grimm to settle in American were Elsie Jam Grimm and Otto Grimm, in 1664. Grimm family history is first recorded with Hugo Grim in the charters of the town of Ursberg, in Germany, in 1171. Noteworthy Grimm genealogy members are American farmer Wendelin Grimm, authors and linguists Jacob and Wihelm Grimm (the Brothers Grimm of fairy-tale fame), and slalom canoeist Alexander Grimm.

Grimm Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Larue Grimm-- --, 1923February 7,2002PA
Babette Grimm-- --, 1890April ,1980NY
C Earl Grimm-- --, 1916February ,1978PA
D Keith Grimm-- --, 1926December 3,1990IN

Grimm Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Louetta Grimm-- --, 1919September ,1991Waynesburg,PA
F Taylor Grimm-- --, 1917September 17,2003Bethesda,MD
Gabriel Grimm-- --, 1908April ,1992Herndon,PA
H Joe Grimm-- --, 1916January 9,1989New Haven,WV

Grimm Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Christopher GrimmSandra OlsovskySeptember 2,2000Guadalupe, TX
Duwayne GrimmNell StantonApril 9,1988Wake, NC
Gregory GrimmMartha GoodmanMay 4,1996Wake, NC
Orval GrimmJerolyn BohnFebruary 14,1968Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Grimm

1228th: Elmore1229th: Cote
1230th: Clifton1231st: Babcock
1232nd: Sheridan1233rd: Gore
1234th: Hollingsworth1235th: Purcell
1236th: Herron1237th: Walden

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