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Gross Genealogy & History

Gross is an English and German surname, originally from the Old German "gross", meaning big or large, and often used as a nickname. While it spread to the British Isles eventually, it was primarily a German name for centuries, particularly because Germany was a popular destination for immigration, and those immigrants often got new names. Gross family history begins there, with Johan Grosse in the charters of the city of Dresden in 1309. Gross genealogy, meanwhile, is illustrious, with people such as WWII General Charles Gross, former Czech Prime Minister Stanislav Gross, and Nobel laureate for physics David Gross.

Gross Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Elaine Gross-- --, 1921May 15,1999KS
B Douglas Gross-- --, 1929January 5,2008KY
C Hugh Gross-- --, 1914September 2,2004GA
D Monica Gross-- --, 1950April 23,2010MA

Gross Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Charline Gross-- --, 1927April 13,1991Saint Joseph,MO
F Alice Gross-- --, 1914October 12,2005Fort Collins,CO
G Edward Gross-- --, 1930April 30,1998Harrington,DE
H Alvin Gross-- --, 1911April 4,2001White River Junction,VT

Gross Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Douglass GrossRoberta MothersheadAugust 6,1983Wake, NC
Robert GrossMiriam BryanJune 7,1947Wake, NC
Thomas GrossFlorence HopkinsNovember 13,1961Wake, NC
William GrossMaria CarreraApril 30,2001El Paso, TX

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291st: McDaniel292nd: McLaughlin
293rd: Christensen294th: Higgins
295th: Wolf296th: Lyons
297th: Parks298th: Quinn

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