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Groves Genealogy & History

Groves is an early English name derived from Old English graua (Old German graf) meaning grove of trees, referring to someone who lived near/worked in a grove. The commonality of the name means that Groves genealogy sprang up simultaneously in disperse areas, although they were found in feudal times in Essex where they held a family manor. The Groves family motto, ny dessux ny dessoux, means neither above nor beneath. American Groves family history dates to 1635 in Bermuda and 1653/1654 in Virginia, although the variant Grove is found in Virginia in 1623. Noted name-holder General Leslie Groves was manager of the Manhattan Project (first atomic bomb).

Groves Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Groves-- --, 1922November 13,1992NJ
B Jean Groves-- --, 1924December 21,2007PA
Callie Groves-- --, 1911September ,1993IN
Dail Groves-- --, 1915June ,1984NC

Groves Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Eileen Groves-- --, 1919June 11,2005Dewitt,IL
Fae Groves-- --, 1915December 13,1997Canvas,WV
Gabrielle Groves-- --, 1897July ,1987Harwich Port,MA
Hallie Groves-- --, 1887March ,1974Sugar Grove,PA

Groves Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Claudie GrovesHellen NeelyJune 13,1981Wake, NC
David GrovesRuth WattsAugust 10,1974Wake, NC
Eugene GrovesJuanita FreemanDecember 23,1954Wake, NC
Festers GrovesOpal BrownDecember 23,1969Hunt, TX

Most Common Surnames After Groves

1194th: Stahl1195th: Lam
1196th: Rosenthal1197th: Nicholas
1198th: Elkins1199th: Rouse
1200th: Metcalf1201st: Weston
1202nd: Herbert1203rd: Christopher

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