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Gunderson Genealogy & History

Gunderson stems from the Old French name Gondri or Gundric, descending from the German gund (battle) and ric (pretender). With the addition of -son, it becomes an occupational name for the son of a warrior. The coat of arms has three gold fleurs-de-lis on a red shield. Gunderson family history mentions the marriage of Bartholomew Gunderson as the first known recording of the name in St. Dustan, Stepney, London, England, in 1628. Several members of Gunderson genealogy are private investigator and former FBI special agent Theodore L. Gunderson; artist Henry Gunderson; and seven-time winner of the Tour de France cyclist Lance Edward Armstrong (born Gunderson).

Gunderson Birth Records

Name Birth Date Death Date Location
A Duane G. -- --, 1926 August 9,2003 WI
Barbara G. -- --, 1921 September ,1986 NJ
C Leslie G. -- --, 1902 February 11,1990 IL
Dagmar G. -- --, 1893 December ,1979 OR

Gunderson Death Records

Name Birth Date Death Date Location
Earl G. -- --, 1925 January 4,1988 Parkville,MD
F Allan G. -- --, 1929 August 8,2001 Mckinleyville,CA
Gabriel G. -- --, 1876 July ,1965 Madison,SD
Hagner G. -- --, 1914 December 13,2007 Hudson,WI

Gunderson Marriage Records

Name Spouse Marriage Date Location
Andrew G. Laura Peacock December 1,1990 Wake, NC
Charles G. Debra Arnold July 28,2001 Henderson, TX
David G. Lorna Plynton December 29,1972 Wake, NC
Robert G. Judy Padgett July 31,1982 Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Gunderson

1964th: Worthington 1965th: Wahl
1966th: Ogle 1967th: Presley
1968th: Hayward 1969th: Grubb
1970th: Boudreaux 1971st: Dickens
1972nd: Burdick 1973rd: Arnett

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