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Gunter Genealogy & History

Gunter is an English and Garman name, ultimately from the Anglo-Saxon and Old German given name of Gund-heri, meaning battle-army. This name suiting the old tribal culture, which respected primarily strength, particularly in battle, as well as courage and skill relating to the same. Gunter family history enters the books with William Gunter, who was added to the King's Court Rolls of Berkshire in 1205. Gunter genealogy boasts of a few noteworthy people, such as 10-year Florida State Treasurer and Insurance Commissioner Bill Gunter, British mathematician and inventor Edmund Gunter, and English confectioner James Gunter.

Gunter Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Eugene Gunter-- --, 1912August 5,1991MO
Barbara Gunter-- --, 1939September 15,2005PA
Caldeen Gunter-- --, 1911November ,1977OK
D Dale Gunter-- --, 1931June 29,2008ID

Gunter Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Gwendoly Gunter-- --, 1925November 14,2008Woodburn,OR
Fannie Gunter-- --, 1902November 26,1990Bronx,NY
G Herman Gunter-- --, 1920May 30,1996Leesburg,FL
Hady Gunter-- --, 1938October 21,2009Jefferson City,TN

Gunter Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alvin GunterPatsy WardJune 5,1982Wake, NC
Benjamin GunterIris JonesAugust 30,1969Wake, NC
Castion GunterJeannette DultonJuly 14,1944Wake, NC
Dan GunterDe SmithNovember 3,1946Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Gunter

1291st: Browne1292nd: Lott
1293rd: Godwin1294th: Phipps
1295th: Pham1296th: Willard
1297th: Yarbrough1298th: Chung
1299th: Ferris1300th: Koehler

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