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Gustafson is a Scandinavian patronymic surname, from the Old Norse name Gustav, which is composed of the tribal name Gaut and staf, which means staff or cudgel. The Gaut tribe is thought to be close or similar to Beowulf's Geat tribe and to the Goths of Germany'thus, the name means the staff of the Geats or Goths. Gustafson family history in the Americas begins later than many others, with the 1847 arrival of Adolph Fredric Gustafson in New Orleans, along with Constantin, Helena, and Jonas. Some famous members of Gustafson genealogy are 27-year Beetle Bailey cartoonist Bob Gustafson, 42-year Swedish Lord High Chancellor Axel Gustafsson, and poet Ralph Gustafson.

Gustafson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Berdella Gustafson-- --, 1922October 12,1994MN
Barbara Gustafson-- --, 1942September 7,2002CT
C Birger Gustafson-- --, 1905June 18,1996WA
Dagmar Gustafson-- --, 1892April ,1989WI

Gustafson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Charles Gustafson-- --, 1921June 15,1996Annandale,VA
Fabio Gustafson-- --, 1889December ,1985Hobe Sound,FL
G Harold Gustafson-- --, 1920October 21,1991Okoboji,IA
Hadar Gustafson-- --, 1892July ,1977Des Plaines,IL

Gustafson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arnold GustafsonAngela TrombaApril 20,2007Wake, NC
Eric GustafsonNancy KratzAugust 1,1987Wake, NC
John GustafsonRuth DoblerApril 22,1948Wake, NC
Wiley GustafsonApril ConnellDecember 22,2000Travis, TX

Most Common Surnames After Gustafson

857th: Soto858th: Guthrie
859th: Feldman860th: Dorsey
861st: Cramer862nd: McCabe
863rd: Singer864th: Springer
865th: Costello866th: Kinney

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