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Guthrie Genealogy & History

Guthrie is a Scottish locational surname, from the Guthrie Barony in Angus County. The clan has a storied past in Scotland, as, at least for a time, there were four branches: Guthrie, Gaigie, Taybank, and Craigie. The name was slow to spread to England, as written Guthrie family history begins in 1348 Dundee, where Adam de Guthrie witnessed a land-grant charter for a Dundee burgess. Guthrie genealogy lays claim to several noteworthy people, such as folk singer Woody Guthrie, General John Guthrie, and Dr. Robert Guthrie, inventor of the Guthrie test, a blood assay to determine whether an infant has phenylketonuria.<\p>

Guthrie Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Guthrie-- --, 1900May ,1985PA
Barbara Guthrie-- --, 1930August 22,1997VT
C Edwin Guthrie-- --, 1917April 10,2003DE
D Elaine Guthrie-- --, 1927February 16,2004WV

Guthrie Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Nadine Guthrie-- --, 1922July 28,2008Tulsa,OK
Faith Guthrie-- --, 1899February 23,2002Fullerton,CA
G Faye Guthrie-- --, 1912August 7,2000Columbus,OH
H Bruce Guthrie-- --, 1941August ,1986Red Wing,MN

Guthrie Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Adam GuthrieMindy DerksMay 5,2001Williamson, TX
Bobby GuthrieCarolyn JamersonJune 8,1975Wake, NC
John GuthrieEthel CardinalOctober 16,1937Wake, NC
Robert GuthrieMartha MurrayFebruary 27,1960Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Guthrie

859th: Feldman860th: Dorsey
861st: Cramer862nd: McCabe
863rd: Singer864th: Springer
865th: Costello866th: Kinney
867th: Newell868th: Moser

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