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Guy has over 50 forms in Europe, including Guidera, Guido, Guiet, Guihen, Guignot, and Gie. It evolves from the Old French pre-tenth-century word gui, denoting a professional guide. It is also sometimes from the personal name Widu, meaning a forest and a person who makes his living there. The Guy motto is where more honorable it is safer. Guy family history has Richard Wi in 1188 in the Pipe Rolls of Oxfordshire as the first recorded spelling of the name. Noteworthy Guy genealogy members are merchant and Newfoundland Governor John Guy, skier Fabrice Guy, and surveyor and politician Etienne Guy.

Guy Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Lonnie Guy-- --, 1925September 1,2002GA
Barbara Guy-- --, 1946April 7,2006PA
C Chester Guy-- --, 1898March ,1973OH
Dahlia Guy-- --, 1929February ,1987OK

Guy Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Guy-- --, 1906August 16,1994Rensselaer,NY
F Jameson Guy-- --, 1920October 4,1988South Windsor,CT
G Louise Guy-- --, 1924April ,1995Avon Lake,OH
H Floyd Guy-- --, 1929March 9,2008Stewartville,MN

Guy Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony GuyPaula MooreSeptember 29,1973Wake, NC
Bobby GuyPeggy CarrigerNovember 1,1969Wake, NC
Charles GuyMamie PurvisFebruary 14,1982Wake, NC
Donald GuyChristine SilvaOctober 22,1971Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Guy

1158th: Garland1159th: Devine
1160th: Booker1161st: Worley
1162nd: Berman1163rd: Otto
1164th: Noel1165th: McElroy
1166th: Mead1167th: Dickey

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