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Hager Genealogy & History

The Hagers are descended from the Picts. Their patronymic name stems from the Gaelic Mac-an-t-sagairt, which means son of a priest; Catholic priests were allowed to marry and have children until the First Lateran Council, in 1123. Alternate spellings are Hagen, Hagenau, Hagenbeck, Hagendoorn, Hagenest, Hagenau, Hagendoorn, and Hagens. Hager family history has the family seat in Perthshire from ancient times, well before the Noman Conquest of 1066. The first Hager in America was Fredrick Hager, around 1709. Noteworthy Hager genealogy members are the twin country music singers Jim and John Hager, basketball player Cassie Hager, and counterculture and marijuana activist Steven Hager.

Hager Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Kathleen Hager-- --, 1924July 21,2008NM
B Etoy Hager-- --, 1930November 2,2006OK
C Evelyn Hager-- --, 1913October 31,2008OH
D Lincoln Hager-- --, 1913May 7,2005NY

Hager Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Allen Hager-- --, 1930October 15,1997Litchfield,IL
Fabius Hager-- --, 1906June ,1975Princeton,WV
G Edw Hager-- --, 1918January 23,1993Grabill,IN
H Lucille Hager-- --, 1924July 5,2004Cape Girardeau,MO

Hager Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew HagerSarah FaulknerDecember 29,2000Harris, TX
Brandon HagerCher WachtlerMay 20,2000Denton, TX
Charles HagerSusan ThompsonNovember 14,1965Wake, NC
Douglas HagerCarolyn CrutchfieldJuly 10,1982Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hager

1339th: Platt1340th: Kauffman
1341st: Espinoza1342nd: Buckner
1343rd: Cornell1344th: Snell
1345th: Bullard1346th: Adler
1347th: Poe1348th: Schaffer

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