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Haines is an English surname with a few different origins. First, it's a patronymic, coming from the name Hain, descending from the Old German Hagano, meaning hawthorn. It can also come from the Old Norse Haghni/Hagne, from the same source. Lastly, it can be a locational surname from Haynes, Bedfordshire, named either from Old English haga-naess, land with a hawthorn tree, or haegen, meaning enclosure. Haines family history starts with Alice Heynes, written in the Subsidy Rolls of Somerset in 1327. Haines genealogy includes many noteworthy people, like the first Premier of Victoria, William Haines; British Field Marshal Fredrick Haines; and Mississippi author Carolyn Haines.

Haines Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Alberta Haines-- --, 1921October 13,1997CT
B Jeanne Haines-- --, 1922November 6,1997NY
Caleb Haines-- --, 1897September ,1966NJ
Dacie Haines-- --, 1892June ,1971MI

Haines Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Franklin Haines-- --, 1914June 11,2004Twentynine Palms,CA
F L Roy Haines-- --, 1914October 26,2005Laguna Woods,CA
G Albert Haines-- --, 1912September ,1978Quakertown,PA
H Kermit Haines-- --, 1915December 19,1987Romney,WV

Haines Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Craig HainesAlysia BartholomewApril 16,1994Wake, NC
Grant HainesTracy GillisAugust 26,2000Wake, NC
Richard HainesMary CollinsAugust 19,1949Wake, NC
Steven HainesPeggy PrattFebruary 15,1986Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Haines

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909th: Cooley910th: Kern
911th: Helms912th: Holder
913th: Tracy914th: Rollins
915th: Kendall916th: Beach

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