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The surname Hall has several possible origins and meanings. English Hall family history indicates that this meaning originally applied to someone who lived or worked in a large manor, also known as a hall. Hall genealogy also shows that the name was often given to those who worked as chamberlains or servants in such a home. This surname means "kind" or "forgiving" based on the idea that those who lived in one of these large houses was generous and kindly. The surname Hall may also have been derived from the Norse hale or Anglo-Saxon "haele", meaning "hero."

Hall Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Clayton Hall-- --, 1920February 7,2006KS
B Bernece Hall-- --, 1916September 5,2004TX
C Beverley Hall-- --, 1918May ,1987VA
D Doyle Hall-- --, 1940January 17,1991GA

Hall Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eddie Hall-- --, 1921November 11,1979Houston,TX
F Ann Hall-- --, 1928February 25,2002Severna Park,MD
Gina Hall-- --, 1969August 12,1989Atlantic Beach,NC
H Arthur Hall-- --, 1924November 30,1999Terre Haute,IN

Hall Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Clarence HallSudie LucasJune 11,1934Wake, NC
Fred HallHattie TooleJuly 2,1935Wake, NC
John HallAlberta ClarksonApril 14,1931Wake, NC
Lucian HallDaisy TaburnMay 9,1931Wake, NC

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24th: Nelson25th: Allen
26th: King27th: Robinson
28th: Baker29th: Wright
30th: Adams31st: Hill

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