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Ham Genealogy & History

The surname Ham may have one of two origins: one Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning dweller on the flat, low-lying land by a stream, and the other a Scottish locational origin, from a small place in the former county of Caithness. Ham family history can be found in both England and Scotland, with the earliest record a Robert de la Hamme in the Hundred Rolls of Sussex in 1275 during the reign of King Edward I. Ham genealogy in America traces back to Joseph Ham, age 16, recorded as living in Virginia in 1624. Joseph immigrated to the New World in 1621 aboard the Warwicke.

Ham Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Pauline Ham-- --, 1881July ,1968MA
B Jean Ham-- --, 1922December 4,2000MO
C Allison Ham-- --, 1917July 9,1995SC
Daisy Ham-- --, 1902June ,1976SC

Ham Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ralph Ham-- --, 1928April 16,2009Warrensville,NC
Fae Ham-- --, 1913April 27,2003Loveland,CO
Galia Ham-- --, 1911February 17,1992San Leandro,CA
H Gurney Ham-- --, 1916August 5,1991Davenport Center,NY

Ham Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Ben HamDora GuessApril 13,1935Wake, NC
Edward HamStacy PhillipsJanuary 7,1995Wake, NC
John HamLina EvansAugust 8,1936Wake, NC
Robert HamPatricia BoggsDecember 21,1968Wake, NC

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1911th: Watt1912th: McQueen
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