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Hankins Genealogy & History

Hankins is an English name that came derived from a medieval personal name, though which one is unclear. It could be from Hank (the Flemish nickname for John) or derived from the Norse-Viking name Anki. It could also be from the names Hankin (nickname for Hann), Handekin (pet form of the nickname Hand), Khanke (diminutive of the Yiddish Khane), or Hamekin (diminutive of Hamo). Hankins family history is first recorded with Anke de Ankinton (an alternate spelling) who lived in Lincolnshire in 1194; early Hankinses were also found in Somerset. Hankins genealogy in America began with a Richard Hankins, who moved to Virginia in 1652.

Hankins Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ada Hankins-- --, 1918October ,1977NY
Bailey Hankins-- --, 1935May 20,2005TX
C Fred Hankins-- --, 1919December 10,1999TN
Daisy Hankins-- --, 1913January 5,1994IL

Hankins Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Cecil Hankins-- --, 1920January 8,1999Centerburg,OH
F Martin Hankins-- --, 1920September 13,2009Warren,AR
Gail Hankins-- --, 1921February ,1982Hendersonville,NC
Hallie Hankins-- --, 1923October ,1982Mesa,AZ

Hankins Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alcindor HankinsBrenda DardenFebruary 12,1994Wake, NC
Bernard HankinsJudy FelixDecember 31,2000Fort Bend, TX
Corbett HankinsLiller ChalmersMarch 1,1947Wake, NC
Derrick HankinsVinessia FisherApril 26,2003Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Hankins

1588th: Schulte1589th: Strauss
1590th: Cope1591st: Waldron
1592nd: Hay1593rd: Alston
1594th: Sands1595th: Darling
1596th: Moseley1597th: Cabrera

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